About me

What I do is listen, resonate,

and respond. I connect with an interest, a purpose, and a passion for your well-being.


Strengths and qualities I bring into my work:

Continued education. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and I have completed a large number of professional courses through which I have developed my integrative approach. This training has resourced me with a variety of techniques to face a wide range of client’s needs

Life experience. I have had a number of challenging life experiences, faced struggles in turbulent periods in Eastern Europe and worked through personal family issues. I have a wide experience of different cultures and I traveled to many countries.

Work experience.  I have worked in secondary school education, lectured at tertiary level, been involved in social services, and worked in private practice.

Active listening and assertive communication. I am perceptive to the client, I ensure that he/she is the centre of my attention and I am attentive to the client’s verbal and nonverbal communication. I listen in a supportive and accepting way.

Confidentiality. I uphold absolutely client-counselor confidentiality; I always respect my client’s privacy as if it were my own.

Empathy. Empathy enables me to name the emotions I observe, I check with the client the accuracy of my perceptions. I am conscious always that that the client does not need me to solve his/her problem, rather to listen to and recognize his/her feelings.

Focusing on concreteness. I assist the client to identify and work on a specific problem from the various problems presented, working to keep the client on track with the issues, clarifying facts, terms, feelings and goals. I use a here-and-now focus to emphasize issues in the current session. I do it quite efficiently.

Credence. I easily and honestly show enthusiasm, confidence, and belief in the client's ability to change.

Moving forward. For me to be effective as a counsellor is very important. My intention is to always help my clients to get good outcomes. I know how to identify dysfunctional negative thinking patterns and enable the clients to replace them with positive ones. I am able to challenge, reassure and motivate the client, especially when he/she is resistant or finds it difficult to face painful memories or real steps to move forward.

Practice management. Being in private practice for about eleven years, I possess a number of organizational skills including: prioritizing tasks, timekeeping, good records-keeping, managing professional site, organizing trainings and workshops, writing articles, advertising and selling my services, keeping a balanced life style.

Digital competence. I widely use Internet possibilities to develop my online practice, to work with clients worldwide and to provide good tools and possibilities to my clients through information and communication technology (ICT).

Supervision. Constant supervision of my counselling practice provides deep reflection, produces better self-awareness and facilitates changes in my continuing professional development and personal growth.

Languages. I have native Romanian and Russian. I am fluent in English and Spanish and use all of them in my practice.

Personal ongoing work. It is very important for me to invest in personal development, and as a result to maintain self-sustainability, competitiveness and employ-ability.

Self-care and balance. My life is complex and rich and I do my best to keep the balance between competing life priorities – such as work, family, hobbies, outdoor activities and self-care.

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