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Working with adolescents following trauma:recent developments and implications for clinical practice
November, 22nd, 2015, APS Study Group Network, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Rowena Conroy, (MPsychol(Clin), PhD, MAPS MCCLP),is a clinical psychologist with both clinical and research interests in the area of child/adolescent & family adjustment to trauma. This workshop  provided a great understanding of how posttraumatic mental health problems commonly present in young people; understanding regarding key aetiological factors underpinning the development and maintenance of posttraumatic mental health problems in young people; knowledge of current "best-practice" guidelines related to the assessment and treatment of posttraumatic mental health problems in children and adolescents; understanding regarding how to manage some of the more common clinical complexities encountered when working with young people who have experienced trauma. More here...


Trauma-Focused Therapy. Working with Children and Adolescents
November, 23-24th, 2015, Phoenix - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia
A two-day workshop facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Cosgrave. Treating traumatised children and adolescents can be challenging even for experienced practitioners. This training program provides you with the confidence to use a toolkit of evidence-based interventions to address PTSD and other posttraumatic mental health conditions in young people, whether due to single or repeated traumatic experiences. 
Trauma-Focused Therapy. Working with Adults
November, 25-26th, 2015, Phoenix - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia
Two-day workshop facilitated by Dr Anne-Laure Couineau for mental health professionals. Exposure treatments using C.B.T. have emerged in response to the need for more intensive, direct and effective interventions for anxiety and stress disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and they are the key evidenced based treatment. Workshop covered the fundamentals of exposure treatment and its many variants. It described how it is used in the treatment, and offered guidelines for the use of this technique within a comprehensive approach to the treatment of PTSD.
Motherhood Matters
November, 28th, 2015, APC, Women and Psychology Interest Group, Melbourne, Australia
One-day mini-conference for anyone whose work supports women in any aspect of mothering, including GPs, nurses, social workers, counsellors, youth workers, doctors and researchers. It was an opportunity to hear from researchers and practicioners on current issues and initiatives related to mothering.
The shadow of unnoticed and unspoken grief. Practical support in pregnancy and infant loss.
March, 17th, 2016, Supporting Family Marlborough & Postnatal Depression Marlborough Charitable Trust,  Blenheim, New Zealand
Workshop carefully examines the arc of grief, from the initial shock to the integration of the loss; explores risk factors for complicated grief experiences. I facilitated this presentation for local professionals interested in obtaining wisdom about the flow of perinatal grief.
Identity and Belonging
April, 2nd, 2016, New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation &Child, Youth and Family New Zealand,  Blenheim, New Zealand
One day workshop  designed to bridge any gaps in knowledge, skills and practice of those involved in foster care. It is part of The National Caregivers Training Programmes - extremely informative, helpful and supportive.
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Motivational Interviewing Training
November, 8th, 2016,  Cancer Society of New Zealand , YWellington Division Inc.,  Blenheim, New Zealand
The course  provides knowledge and skills in motivational interviewing, a proven means of helping patients explore and make lifestyle changes.
Hauora Hui: Supporting Vulnerable Pregnant Women
November, 9th, 2016, The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP), Nelson, New Zealand
One day workshop. Hapai Taumaha Hapūtanga /Crisis Pregnancy Support hosted a Health Hui in Nelson, to bring together all health professionals and Support agencies working with young pregnant women and vulnerable groups in the Nelson/Tasman region.
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Introduction to working with Clients with sexual violence trauma
May, 3rd, 2017, The New Zealand Psychological Society, Nelson, New Zealand
A full day workshop presented by Dr. Kim McGregor with the following topics: Development of Abuse-focused Therapy, Prevalence, Dynamics & Effects of Child Sexual Abuse, Impact on Attachment and Neurobiology,  How Children and Young People are Silenced,  A Brief Overview of Theoretical Basis for Abuse-Focused Therapy Approaches & Stages, Disclosure Experiences, Help Seeking,  What survivors look for in a therapist , Beginning of therapy, Clients’ Experiences of Therapy / What helped in therapy/ What was unhelpful.
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REACH Facilitator Training
October, 10th and 11th 2017, Black Dog Institute,  Melbourne, Australia

REACH facilitator training is conducted by Black Dog Institute (trainer Anne Riches) for psychologists, counsellors, social workers and mental health clinicians. REACH facilitators run psycho-educational well being programs for groups of 10 to 16 people who have a one-year diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder. Group courses run for 9 weeks and are based on principles of Responsibility, Education, Acceptance, Connection and Hope.

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Group Therapy Training
October, 13th and 14th 2017, The Professional Development People, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Ari Badaines, Ph.D. clinical psychologist focuses on very practical aspects of group therapy from start to finish. It was an introduction to Psycho-dynamic Group Psychotherapy, Gestalt Group Therapy, and Yalom’s Existential Group Therapy.

The practical aspects: (a) group composition and size as well as preparing potential members for group membership; (b) what to cover in the initial session and issues of safety and group membership; (c) dealing with defenses and resistances in group members; (d) managing conflict and difficult group members; (e) preparing for ending. Also,  workshop participants work on the healing nature of groups and the key roles of the Group Therapist.

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