Virtual Postpartum Support Group

Online now!

Weekly ongoing therapy group for new mothers (and their partners if they wish to participate).


We meet every Thursday at 8 pm. If you are registered with the group, you will receive in advance the link for joining the online room.


The minimal commitment of 12 weeks. The group is small – up to 10 people and is open to new participants at the end of every cycle.


This group is a place for moms to talk about the journey to motherhood as well as the isolation and disconnection from one's prior self that many moms experiences. It is a safe place to connect to other new moms while learning to reconnect to aspects of one’s identity that feel lost, as well as to build and grow. It is a place to be comfortable with the reality of motherhood. The focus of our support group is encouraging real and sustainable self-care practices to support the complexity of women’s life. We offer a warm and inviting space to share stories and the group moderator provides immediate emotional support to navigate real motherhood experiences.


Members are welcome to continue in the group beyond 12 weeks for as long as they would like.


Our support group is semi-structured, meaning we present weekly topics that address motherhood experiences while also holding space for the personal needs of individuals and group members.


Our program is based on the Maori well-being model The Whare Tapa Whā focused on four dimensions of human life. The topics we discuss are motherhood identity; motherhood emotions like shame, anger, loneliness, anxiety; well-being; self-care system; mindfulness; narrative practices, etc. 

On the call, you’ll have the chance to talk, listen, discover coping techniques, and develop a mindfulness practice – all with the support of other moms just like you. It’s free to join – just click to register.

We meet in Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, What's App, and Skype.

The 12-week program, weekly 1,5 -2 hours online meeting – Thursday's from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Our program

It is based on the Maori well-being model The Whare Tapa Whā focused on four dimensions of human life.


We accept women with children up to 24 months old. Referrals can be made by GP, midwives, Plunket nurses, etc.

Self-referrals welcomed.


Sessions are free of charge and it’s important that you commit to coming for the term

(12 sessions)


Now we meet online in Zoom, Facebook and webinar platforms.

Links are provided for each meeting.

Recommended reading

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, by Norsigian J., Brown, J., (2002).

You Can Go Home Again, by McGoldrick, M, (1995).

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