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Professional Supervision

Supervision is seen by many people as an essential option for continuing development and training, explicitly converting insights and experience into (more) professional competence.


Supervision is especially important for jobs and professions that are client- (patient-, student-) oriented, where communication between the practitioner and one or more others plays an important role.

Supervision is a distinct professional activity, an essential professional intervention, a practical and efficient way of ensuring high-quality services.


Supervision is an ongoing practice, it is a systemic process, and it is a unique contractual relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee.


Professional Supervisor assesses your competence and supports your professional development.

Professional Supervision. Tatiana Ceban
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The nature of supervision
The nature of supervision
The definition of supervision
The contract and the benefits of supervision
The functions of supervision
My approach to Professional Supervision
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The First Day of the Month

The First Day of the Month is my way to communicate and encourage people I supervise. Yes, every first day of the month I send an email with tips and tools to inspire reflection on professional journey and to build an efficient approach to professional evolution and growth.

I share stories and experiences. An important part of these emails are books reviews and recommendations.

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The First Day of the Month. Letters for Supervise-es.
Supervision with Tatiana Ceban


When the session is finished, I am already looking forward to the day when we meet again. For me, supervision is a precious time of reflection, questioning and growing. It is a great investment in my professional development and success. Working with Tatiana helped me to change my limited thinking about supervision, coaching or mentoring. When we invest in ourselves, we expand our possibilities and the impact of our work. 

Anna, youth worker

Tatiana is thorough, responsive, and exceedingly current in the counselling industry. Just in a few months, she helped me to clarify my niche as a counsellor, to create a clear professional development plan and to increase my load of clients. I would highly recommend Tatiana to people who like me are at the beginning of their career.  

Katrina, counsellor

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