Work with me


I focus on the potential of individuals to actively make choices on important matters within their lives. My philosophy is that we all possess unique strengths with which to create our own solutions. Human beings are intentional, aim at goals, they are aware that they cause future events, and seek meaning, value, and creativity. I consider the idea of self-actualization a powerful motivational tool.


My approach is collaborative, interactive, and intuitive. I think that a counselor is just a temporary guide to good changes and a better quality of life.


I utilize evidence-based, integrative counseling, and interventions. Individual counseling for me tends to be short-term and focuses on stabilization and assisting clients in the return to normal functioning. In family counseling, I use a systemic family therapy approach and develop new ways of its application.


My practice welcomes all backgrounds, lifestyles, gender expressions, spiritual orientations, and family compositions.


I work in a variety of counseling frames: face-to-face and online ( email, secure chat, and phone). You can find me on Skype, WhatsApp, Face Time, or Facebook Messenger.  My favorite platform for online sessions is Google Meet where I can schedule meetings in advance and get a very good quality connection. 


Counseling is strictly confidential.


You can make an appointment by calling me at +64279019807, via the contact or booking online pages. 

Counseling Contract


Signing up a contract is an important part of my work. You can see the contract in advance and get an idea of what it requires. It is just a draft that can be modified after we have a discussion over it. The contract helps you to understand more about counseling sessions, length of work, payment, etc.


Funding sources for counseling


If you are looking for funded counseling, please read special information provided by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board:

"GP Visits and Funding for Mental Health and Addiction Clients"