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Take your life to a next level

Coaching is about goals - clearly established, passionately and persistently fulfilled.

Coaching is about grit: true success comes when we devote ourselves to endeavours that give us joy and purpose.


Coaching is about considering your life seriously. Every time you enter a new stage in your life or pursue a dream, stop for deep reflection. Coaching creates a perfect space for such contemplation and honest discoveries. Coaching questions challenge and motivate at the same time.

As a Life Coach, I will help you identify, clarify, and articulate your next steps and carry out your strategies. I will assist you to discover your full potential and finding your direction. You are a unique human being, and I will coach you to discover your true self, strong traits, and talents. I will support you in understanding your passion and desires and making your dreams and plans come true.


My coaching philosophy comes from my beliefs. Life is a big gift and was given to us to explore, learn, create, build, enjoy, and become the best version of ourselves. It is up to you what level of life you make and live – mediocre or fulfilled. It is never late to take your life to the next level!

Life Coaching. Tatiana Ceban Counselling
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My approach

I work to help my clients identify, clarify, and articulate their goals and to carry out their strategies. I also help them create a more fulfilling, exciting, and passionate personal life. Above all, my work is guided by the aim of helping the people with whom I work to become the very best version of themselves.

  • talk about their situation

  • discuss their values, attitudes, and beliefs

  • help them to set suitable goals for change

  • break down these goals into small steps

  • look at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks

  • support them to stay motivated and committed.


I do all these things and work collaboratively with individuals and couples to achieve their goals in the areas of:

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Self Mastery Course. Tatiana Ceban

I find the six months of Self Mystery course a life-changing factory. I put the old me in and got a brand new me out. I took my life thoughtfully. I made peace with myself, my surroundings, and my past.  I have learned to organize my life in a broader range, live fully, and have explicit goals (big and small). And I started to plan step by step my strategies and work purposefully to make things happen. I stopped dreaming, and I started becoming. Highly recommend this course.


Mandy Li

Group Coaching for Women

Self Mastery 

Your opportunity to reach a higher level. After this course, you will be able to figure out where you really want to go, how to get it there and how to enjoy the journey

More than +200 women all around the world have talked my course to upgrade their life. 

Level 1 - Confidence
Level 1 - Contribution
Self Mastery Course. Tatiana Ceban Couns


During this course Tatiana takes you through the key areas of your life and shows how to break through the barriers that prevent your from being the absolute best you can be.


She has a remarkable ability to understand people and to help them maximise their potential and opportunities, coming at it from their perspective.


Katrina Black

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