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Group facilitation
Postpartum Rallying. Therapy Group for M
Postpartum Rallying - a therapeutic support group for mothers

Wednesdays, from 9.30 am t0 11.30 am


This is a small group (up to 12 people) that offers psychological support, resources and connection to women who struggle with adjustments in the postpartum time. This a closed group where we create and value openness, confidence, and trust. You can enter only at the beginning of our term, then the group is closed to new people. This is a place where we share, learn from each other, find new creative solutions for daily challenges and have fun. Mothers come to the group to relax,  laugh, and make the motherhood journey more easy and enjoyable.

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From "Me" to "Mom". Art therapy group fo
From "Me" to "Mom" - my mindful way through pregnancy.
Art therapy group for pregnant women.

Tuesdays from 5 pm to 8 pm

Pregnancy is a complex spiritual journey and involves lots of reflection, anticipation, self-discovery, and challenges. Our group is a possibility to explore your metamorphosis from ‘Me’ to ‘Mum’ using your creative potential – your hands, imagination, intuition, etc. And you will be given lots of free materials to do art. We use art therapy and art techniques and believe that art is a very powerful tool for expression, insight, and emotional coping.


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Moon Time. Workshop for women. Tatiana C
Moon Time - workshop for women about the menstrual cycle

Every month at the full moon


A three hours workshop covers a wide range of important knowledge that will help you to know yourself and your body better and to respect your blood cycles wisely: the physiology and psychology of menstruation, the moon dial and everyday life, energies, creativity, traditions, and important rituals.  You will learn how to use the menstrual cycle for personal growth, self-care, creativity, and spiritual emancipation. It is recommended for women of all ages as it offers the most important knowledge about feminine nature and it's a foundation of women's health and wisdom.


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Self-Mastery. Life Coaching for women. T
Self Mastery - a solution-focused life-coaching program for  women

Are you really interested in self-development? Are you interested in moving your life to a level up?

Self Mastery is a life coaching program for women. Here you will find high-quality information about human potential, powerful neuroscience practices, really working tools and fresh insights which lead to the change you’ve been seeking. You will have a possibility to discover the unknown, to challenge your assumptions, to verify your approaches and beliefs, to make real practical changes in your life, - all for the one goal – to reach your highest potential! 

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