Family Counselling

Transitional stages of family evolution - development and adjustment.

  • 50 minutes
  • 138 New Zealand dollars
  • 25 Alfred Street

Service Description

Families represent alive and dynamic systems that go through developmental stages. Even the happiest ones, all families face specific difficulties transitioning from one step to another. Recently married couples experience obstacles that are different from couples who have lived together for many years. Parents of young children do not face the same difficulties as teenagers' parents. Problems arise with every change and require a significant restructuring of relationships. If the family system wants to overcome the crises, then every family member must learn how to communicate in a new way, change the perception of each ones' role, and develop new rules. It is teamwork and requires commitment from each family member. The counsellor or therapist's role is to facilitate the change - increasing the well-being of individual family members, while strengthening bonds between them. A family needs help if it has the following problems: - family members who suffer from alcohol, drugs or other types of addictions. - a child has an illness whose symptoms improve or disappear entirely outside the family (for example, in a hospital) and increase when at home. - "difficult" children, "uncontrollable" teenagers. - parents fail to find a common language with growing children. - a husband or wife is in cons