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Positively Pregnant App

Positively Pregnant is a mobile phone app, developed by clinical and community psychologists in collaboration with midwives, antenatal educators, and computer scientists in New Zealand. This interactive app uses the CCCC model and principles of positive psychology to offer information, activities, and structures for reflection for pregnant women to promote resilience and wellbeing.

The app consists of four types of components:

Know Yourself: Interactive assessments to take stock of one’s own strengths, resources, stressors, coping strategies, support systems, health behaviors, cognitive style, and emotions Conversations: Structure and prompts for conversations with the partner, whanau, LMC, or for individual reflection on topics such as birth planning, household chores, financial challenges, and childrearing beliefs, traditions, hopes and plans Do Something: Activities that promote healthy stress management and are tailored to the interests and experiences of the user Find out: Brief information about 30 topics having to do with the psychological aspects of the transition to parenting, with links to online resources for services and more information.

The user is guided through these components with daily tips and notifications and can tailor additional notifications and reminders to prompt use of their preferred activities. The activities included have been developed based on research on resilience and behavior change, as well as the particular cultural and social features of New Zealand families.

Links are provided to local and international resources for information and services.


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