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My approach to Counselling and Therapy

I help people focus on the reality of their current situation, and take responsibility for improvements and changes. I do not spend much time analysing the past and the childhood experiences, and only if that is necessary or one of my client’s goals in the counselling journey.

I support clients to clarify the goals for counselling and help them persevere in achieving them.

I encourage my clients to be honest with themselves, ask deep and challenging questions and find solutions.

I offer tools to better understand and manage emotions and change mindsets.

I encourage people to develop a habit of writing reflections and making journaling a vital part of their lives. Narrative therapy is considered one of the most efficient in the world. For this purpose, everyone who visits my site can download a free video training on journaling.

I understand the pace of modern life, the avalanche of mental health problems and the tendency of both the clients and the professionals to seek a rapid solution. Today most therapists are behaviourists, seeking to modify non-productive behaviours and replace them with more effective strategies. The second largest group practices cognitive therapy, which identifies various “bad ideas” we have acquired that reflexively make self-defeating choices for us and seeks to replace them with more effective ideas. These approaches to the human condition are eminently logical and generally valid, and I have employed them many times myself. But they are not enough.

Unfortunately, pharmacology dominates the therapeutic domain. Many individuals suffer from chemical imbalances, which are best treated by medical intervention. It is true, but pharmacological treatment is vastly overprescribed because it is more straightforward, cost-effective, and relatively available. There are cases when I support medication, but they are few. I encourage people to make an effort and seek out the root of anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, or addiction.

I have training in psychodynamic therapy. This approach facilitates a deeper understanding of emotions and mental processes. It works to help people gain greater insight into how they feel, think and behave. By gaining better insight, people can make better choices about their lives. To reach a better understanding is equal to a rich higher level of consciousness. I support seeking meaning in life, constantly developing consciousness, and aim for spiritual enlargement.

The false gods of our culture - power, materialism, hedonism, and narcissism only narrow and diminish human potential. I encourage discussions about the spiritual dimension of life. If discovered and practised, personal spirituality helps people come through this life with greater integrity and purpose.

I believe that there is a potential for growth in every life situation. For example, trauma can be a catalyst for growth, not victimization. Both trauma and depression can be a gateway to spiritual awakening.

I use tools that fuel motivation, growth, and well-being. One of the most frequent questions I ask in my counselling sessions is: “Does this path, event or experience enlarge or diminish you?”

I can call myself a general mental health practitioner as I work with a wide variety of topics in children’s, adolescent’s or adult’s life.

I have a narrow specialization in perinatal psychology – a domain of human psychology that focuses on everything related to childbirth and the foundations of human life. My enthusiasm for this work is fuelled by my belief that the best contribution any human being can make in the world is to be a great parent and stop the cycle of childhood trauma.

And I have a passion – I love working with women and investing in their growth in all areas of their lives. My motto in this mission is the famous one – if you want to change the world – invest in women! I offer women specialized counselling, coaching, supervision, mentoring and teaching.

For many years I have had the privilege of working with people in the midst of their transitions or suffering. I am humbled by their willingness to share their most private places with me and to trust me as a companion on their journey. I am very grateful for everyone I met in my professional journey, and I am looking forward to meeting my new clients.


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