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Understand your angry child

Many parents are concerned about children’s anger and they come to find help and support.

The first and the most important thing is to look for an answer in:

  1. the family system

  2. in the child’s environment

  3. his/ her daily life / routine

It might be related to:

  1. family dis-functionalities

  2. his/ her unmet basic needs

  3. insecure attachment

  4. problems related to the integration of his/ her life experience.

The child with unconscious bad behaviour may try to:

- draw parents attention ("Hello parents, pay attention to me, I am alive, I am here, I need your help and support!!!");

- protest against the conditions of existence, where any of his/ her desires and interests are oppressed ("OK, so you're not listening to me – this is what you are going to have!!!");

- struggle copying with conflicts within the family, which he/ she can’t understand and these conflicts make him/her feel stuck ("I do not understand what is happening, help me !!!")

Angry behaviour always has a reason. To find this reason is our job!

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